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Trauma Survivor Now Able to Walk After Motorcycle Crash

John Krolikowski wearing a mask while on a wheelchair19-year-old John Krolikowski is applying all of his energy to recovering from a motorcycle crash that left him traumatically injured.  The Delray Beach man was driving to his job at a local marina on the morning of August 9, 2021 when a truck pulled in front of him.  To avoid a collision, John had to lay his motorcycle down on the ground and he was ejected, sliding 75 feet, striking a median and suffering a spinal cord injury. Delray Beach Fire Rescue personnel rapidly transported John to Delray Medical Center, one of the county’s two Trauma Centers, where he underwent surgery and began daily physical therapy.  In recognition of Trauma Awareness Month, today the hospital recognized the first responders who came to John’s aid and reunited them with their former patient.

John is now able to walk again and says he’s grateful to all of the paramedics, physicians, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other professionals who have cared for him. He also credits the Health Care District of Palm Beach County for monitoring the quality of the county’s integrated trauma system that he says saved his life.  John encourages drivers of all vehicles to wear safety gear.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing full gear when you’re riding, especially a motorcycle here in South Florida.  If I didn’t have my helmet and my chest plate on that day, I wouldn’t be here.  My head hit the median straight on and that helmet saved my life that day. It’s very important to wear your gear," said John Krolikowski.