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Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs for Calendar Year 2021

Sponsored Programs are non-profit community agencies that have a funding agreement with the Health Care District of Palm Beach County to provide health or health-related services to the uninsured, underinsured or vulnerable county residents. These services help fulfill our mission to be the health care safety net for Palm Beach County. This annual grant process to agencies with compatible missions is one of the many ways we work to provide health services to keep our community healthy.


Description of Contracted Services

Agency Contact Information



Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope Logo


Cancer Alliance of
Help & Hope


Cancer support services - Provide services to cancer patients to lessen hospitalization, expediting access to medical care, testing and appointments, transportation, supplemental nutrition (food), cancer specific health & wellness items (packages).

(561) 748-7227


Caridad Center Logo

Caridad Center


Specialty health care services and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) - Specialty health care services (breast surgeon, psychiatry, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, ENT, gastrointestinal, nephrology, neurology, hematology, ophthalmology, podiatry, pulmonology, urology, gynecology, orthopedics), advanced diagnostic test, medications, and access/refer to services related to Social Determinants of Health

(561) 737-6336


Catholic Charities Diocese of Palm Beach  Logo

Catholic Charites -
Diocese of Palm Beach


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) - Certified instructors provide a curriculum for adult and children. MHFA course objective is to increase knowledge of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental illness. Behavioral Health- Counseling services include individual & group sessions to address relationship discord, child and family dynamics, depression, anxiety, grief/loss and social isolation.

(844) 848-6777


Center for Child Counseling Logo

Center for
Child Counseling


Behavioral Health with direct services like individual, family and group therapy including crisis stabilization for adult and pediatric residents of PB County. CFCC Institute for Clinical Training provides education and workshops focusing on community education to promote early identification of mental and behavioral health needs for children. The Trainings are for parents, caregivers, professional and the community to effectively buffer the effects of toxic stress in children related to ACEs.

(561) 244-9499


Center for Family Services Logo

Center for Family Services


Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Counseling - provide therapeutic services for individuals, couples, families, and children, Psychiatric evaluations and medication management on an outpatient basis to PB County residents.

(561) 616-1222


Center for Trauma Counseling Logo

Center for Trauma Counseling



Mental Health Counseling - Provide therapies for those who suffer from various forms of trauma, abuse, depression, suicidal tendencies and post traumatic stress disorder. Also provide educational trainings to the community to increase awareness and identify mental and behavioral conditions.

(561) 444-3914


Clinics Can Help Logo

Clinics Can Help



Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services to PBC residents.

(561) 640-2995


Community Health Center of West Palm Beach Logo

Community Health Center
of West Palm Beach


Vision, Mental Health Services, Chronic Disease Management Clinic, Specialty Services and Navigation - Vision services include a full range of optometry services like routine eye exams, eye disease checks, prescription services and eyeglasses. Mental Health services offered twice weekly including mental health screenings, assistance finding follow-up services and consultations with a volunteer psychiatrist. Chronic Disease Management Clinic is open 3 days a week providing support, education and care for hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Specialty services including pulmonologist, urologist and women's health (by appointment). Navigation to other community services.

(561) 840-8681


Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County Logo

Diabetes Coalition
of Palm Beach County


Diabetes Prevention and Management - by using risk assessment screenings, care coordination, referrals and linkages, education and resources, offering diabetes prevention and self-management program and training.


The Glades Initiative, Inc. Logo

The Glades Initiative, Inc.


Navigation - Community Resource Educators (Navigators) will assist residents with applying for benefits (medical, SNAP (food stamps), etc.). Cooking Matters Nutrition Education will teach residents how to eat healthy for less and to prepare healthy meals with a low budget. Medical Interpreter Training is a training for bilingual individuals interested in medical or community interpreting targeting providers in the Glades area and Coastal PB County.

(561) 996-3310


Families First of Palm Beach County Logo

Families First of
Palm Beach County


Behavioral Health Services for adult and children - to include individual, group and family therapy. In addition, Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women (TOPWA) is an innovative outreach program for pregnant women at risk of HIV, HIV positive and/or pregnant substance abusing women and in need of prenatal care, medical care and support.

(561) 721-2887


Feed the Hungry Pantry of Palm Beach County Logo

Feed the Hungry Pantry


Food Services - provide weekly deliveries to seniors and disabled clients and their families with a variety foods like meats, vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, bread, and canned goods.

(561) 398-0566


Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Logo

Healthy Mothers,
Healthy Babies Coalition
of Palm Beach County


Circle of Moms program provides support to the maternal mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum women. Pregnancy Centering program model is a patient centering prenatal care in a group setting.

(561) 996-9274 Belle Glade (561) 665-4545 res 1-888-414-4642


Legal Aid Society Logo

Legal Aid Society
of Palm Beach County


Legal Services for Medical Assistance - Services address the vital need to improve health and well-being of low-income and other vulnerable populations by resolving unmet legal needs and removing legal barriers that impede access to care.

(561) 655-8944



Living Hungry Logo

Living Hungry


Food services - “Healthy Food Prescriptions” program for diabetic patients provides nutrition and education intervention services such as nutrition education, cooking classes (in person or virtual), medically tailored groceries picked up or shipped to homes biweekly, culturally relevant tasting and recipes, glucometers and blood tests to empower clients to improve health outcomes using food as medicine.



The Lords Place Logo

The Lord's Place


CARE Team provides health support and coordination services to homeless individuals and families, an integrated health care and coordination program. The CARE Team provides services such as psychiatric treatment, psychoeducational groups/psychotherapy groups and individual sessions, health care coordination, case management, peer support and a “warm” linkage to primary health services, treatment follow through, transportation to health appointments, preventative health education and other health promotion services (SOAR) to The Lord’s Place most vulnerable clients.

(561) 494-0125


Mental Health America of Palm Beach County Logo

Mental Health America of Palm Beach County


Mental health services such as outreach (to the homeless population of the county), assessment (screening to assess mental illness in adults & children/assess individuals experiencing homeless and develop care plan) navigation (mental health helpline operator listens and links to resources), care coordination (creates individualized care plan for the homeless), counseling with a Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D.) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), medication management with a Clinical Pharmacist (PharmD) and Certified Peer Specialist services (peer support in groups and one on one settings).

(561) 832-3755

(561) 801-4357 Helpline


My Clinic Logo

My Clinic


Social Determinates of Health (SDOH) - Provide health outreach, awareness and referral services to the at risk population of Palm Beach County.

(561) 203-7511


National Alliance on Mental Illness Logo

National Alliance on Mental Illness


Peer Mentoring - Work with individuals living with mental illness who have no support. The peer support specialist (mentor) will connect individuals with community resources that assists with social connectedness and support network.

(561) 588-3477


Palm Beach County Medical Society Services Project Access Logo

Palm Beach County Medical Society Services
- Project Access


Project Access- provides care coordination services for specialty medical care. The Project Access team screens, navigates and enrolls for services through the ACA Marketplace, Medicaid, Health Care District, and Project Access Direct Care. Voluntary health providers will provide care through office visits, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and hospital care for patient enrolled in the Project Access Direct Care. Connect patients to community resources to address social determinants of health.

(561) 433-3940


Sickle Cell Foundation Logo

Sickle Cell Foundation of Palm Beach County
& Treasure Coast


CHAMPS -Community Health Advocates for Maternity, Parents and Surrogates program (CHAMPS) provides a curriculum on 5 major areas for healthy birth out comes (prenatal care, safe sleep, breastfeeding, domestic violence, benefits of father/male involvement). The weekly sessions has a total of 10 hours in the series. The CHAMPS program goal is to reduce infant mortality in Palm Beach County.

(561) 833-3113