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Recognizing the Signs of Stroke

Seconds matter when it comes to strokes! When someone has a stroke, their brain is not getting the blood it needs. Treatment is needed right away to reduce the chance of brain damage, disability, or e ...

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HFYH: Weight Loss for the Quarantine 15

HFYH: Weight Loss for the Quarantine 15

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Dr Cucuras with Patient

The Connection between Oral and Physical Health

The connection between oral health and physical health begins as soon as you open your mouth. Problems in your mouth, like tooth fractures and gum (periodontal) disease, can indicate underlying health ...

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Dr Harberger with Patient

Pediatric Medicine and the Well-Child Checkup

From birth through adolescence, pediatricians are the silver bullet for a healthy childhood.

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Dr. Andric receives vaccine

HFYH: Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

The facts about the first two vaccines authorized and recommended to prevent COVID-19.

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