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HFYH: Unite PBC: Connecting to Social Services May be the Best Medicine

Connecting people to the social services they need may be the best medicine of all. That's the goal of the new community referral network, Unite PBC.

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Three women having a happy conversation while jogging with dumbbells

HFYH: Women's Health

Keeping women healthy throughout all stages of their lives is important and crucial to the health of a family.

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David Summers conducting Falls Prevention Outreach with seniors

HFYH: Taking a Stand to Prevent Falls

Each year in the U.S., one out of four older adults will fall. Too often, the falls result in traumatic injury and even death. While falling can be painful and costly, senior adults and their loved on ...

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A woman in a bathing suite applies sun screen to her shoulder

HFYH: How to Prevent and Detect Skin Cancer

An active, outdoor lifestyle in the South Florida sun can increase the risk of skin cancer but there are ways to prevent melanoma and detect it early.

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A doctor types on his cell phone

HFYH: Telehealth

In Palm Beach County, Florida, the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics are offering both inpatient and telehealth services to patients who need medical attention.

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A little girl jumps in the ocean

HFYH: Coronavirus and Pools, Beaches and the Outdoors

HFYH: Coronavirus and Pools, Beaches and the Outdoors

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Image of people social distancing

HFYH: Diligence and COVID-19 – More Important than Ever

It is more important than ever that everyone remain diligent by adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus

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HFYH: How to Deal with Anxiety from Coronavirus

For many, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has added a new level of stress and anxiety to their already stressful daily lives

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Image of a Mother and Daughter

HFYH: How to Talk to Your Child about Coronavirus

From the news, to TikTok and YouTube videos, to conversations with their friends and families, Coronavirus is a topic they cannot avoid

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