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C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics Appoint New Dental Director and are Awarded a $300,000 HRSA Grant for Dental Equipment

Image of Dr. CucurasIn Palm Beach County it is not unusual for someone to speak both English and Spanish, but Dr. John Cucuras, DDS, brings a third language skill to his new role as Dental Program Director at the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics – he speaks Greek.

In addition to his interests in travel, music and philosophy, Dr. Cucuras also enjoys the history of Roman-Greco civilizations. He is member of American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association. He also has over 30 years of experience in private and public health dentistry.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to oversee the dental program at the Brumback Clinics,” said Dr. Cucuras, DDS who has treated patients at the Brumback Clinics for four years. “I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in providing quality dental care to the underserved across the county.”

Dr. Cucuras steps into his new role at a time when the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded a $300,000 grant to the Brumback Primary Care Clinics to support clinically-based dental care to all Palm Beach County residents, regardless of their ability to pay.

The grant funds will be used to purchase equipment and supplies to include 19 new dental chairs, 3 x-ray tubeheads, a bariatric seat, and wheelchair lift to increase access to care and enhance existing preventative oral health services.

“We are grateful to receive this grant for much-needed dental chairs and equipment for our dental clinics,” said Belma Andric, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, VP and Executive Director of Clinical Services. “This will enhance the patient experience and improve the quality of our dental services.”  

Tens of millions of Americans receive affordable health care and other services through HRSA’s 90-plus programs and more than 3,000 grantees. HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the primary federal agency for improving health care to people who are geographically isolated, economically or medically vulnerable.

The C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics provide quality medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services to adults and children with or without insurance. The nine clinic sites throughout Palm Beach County, along with a mobile health clinic serving the homeless, are Federally Qualified Health Centers owned and operated by the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.

“Our clinics are the front door of our public safety net system,” said Darcy J. Davis, CEO of the Health Care District. “We appreciate HRSA’s ongoing recognition and support of our efforts to expand access to dental care in Palm Beach County.”