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Lakeside Medical Center’s Program and Operations Coordinator Graduates from Leadership Glades Program with Accolades

Joe-Ann Hyppolite speaking at Leadership Glades 2019 graduationJoe-Ann Hyppolite, Program and Operations Coordinator for Lakeside Medical Center, is newly graduated from Leadership Glades, a Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce program established in 1991 that focuses on the training, building, advancement and recognition of leaders in the Glades.

Leadership Glades is an annual six-month program of approximately 20 members chosen to represent the Glades community. The program members meet monthly over breakfast with Glades leaders and they take field trips to businesses, agencies and government offices to learn more about the community.  

During the Leadership Glades graduation ceremony on May 7th, Hyppolite delivered a presentation about the class project in which she referenced the Marvel movie “Avengers:  Endgame” and the four principles of a leader’s decision-making – strategy, risk management, execution, and leadership. She announced that the class raised over $5,000 and donated it to five local non-profit organizations. She concluded by thanking the Chamber and Class of 2018-2019 “…for making this a memorable and growing moment for me.”

Hyppolite, along with Cylenthia Mann, was elected Class Representative and will serve on the Leadership Glades Advisory Board for one year. In this role, Hyppolite will represent Lakeside Medical Center and the Health Care District of Palm Beach County and provide input on the next Leadership Glades group starting in October 2019.

Joe-Ann Hyppolite graduating Leadership Glades 2019“I am proud to be a graduate of the Leadership Glades program,” said Hyppolite shortly after graduating.  “It’s exciting to be making a difference as an integral member of the Belle Glade community.”

“Joe-Ann was a true leader of this class,” said Terri Calsetta, Director of Patient Experience and Hospital Communications at Lakeside Medical Center who serves as the Chair of the Leadership Glades Advisory Board and Belle Glade Chamber Board member. “The members came together and became more than just colleagues; they became friends bonded by a common goal. I expect that they will remain in each other’s lives and that’s the epitome of a successful class.”

(Photo from left to right: Joe-Ann Hyppolite; Melanie Grimes, Co-Director; Brenda Bunting, Co-Director, Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce; Cylenthia Mann, Class Representative; Steve Nolin, President, Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce)