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Dental program with the Health Care District's Brumback Clinics Receives Dentaquest Institute Award

Clinic staff receiving award

From left: Tamara-Kay Tibby, DMD, MPH, Dental Director, C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics; Terry L. Megiveron, MSM, Director of Practice Operations, Brumback Clinics; William Donigan, DDS, Expert Advisor, Safety Net Solutions; and Dori Bingham, Project Manager, Safety Net Solutions

The DentaQuest Institute has recognized the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics’ dental program as one of its three 2018 Safety Net Solutions Centers of Excellence.  The Brumback Clinics, operated by the Health Care District of Palm Beach County, provide medical, dental and behavioral health services to adults and children with or without insurance with the goal of helping patients establish a medical home.

The Centers of Excellence awards honor safety net dental programs that have displayed tremendous leadership and excellence in oral health practice management and have greatly improved the oral health status of their patients. The programs selected to receive the award this year have each partnered with Safety Net Solutions to receive technical assistance and practice management consulting and have at least 12 months of evaluation data to report. Throughout the technical assistance partnership, award recipients were often challenged with instituting difficult changes within their dental programs that would increase access, financial sustainability, and improve oral health outcomes. The winners of this award provided the leadership and initiative necessary to implement changes and make positive change stick within their dental programs.

“Our clinics are the front door of our public safety net system,” said Darcy J. Davis, CEO of the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.  “We thank the DentaQuest Institute for its ongoing support and recognition of our initiatives to provide our patients with preventive care and healthy smiles.”

The administrative and dental team at the Brumback Clinics worked diligently to execute the improvement plan developed by Safety Net Solutions following a comprehensive analysis of the health center’s dental program. Evaluation data submitted by the Brumback Clinics clearly demonstrated the results of their hard work. They saw dramatic improvements in nearly all of their performance metrics and achieved increases in patient access and outcomes, as well as financial sustainability.

“Dr. Tamara-Kay Tibby and her team absolutely owned the implementation of their improvement plan,” said Safety Net Solutions Executive Director Dr. Mark Doherty. “They worked as a cohesive team to make the recommended improvements, and their hard work was rewarded by impressive results.”

Clinic staff receiving dental award

From left: Tamara-Kay Tibby, DMD, MPH, Dental Director, C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics; Terry L. Megiveron, MSM, Director of Practice Operations, Brumback Clinics; and Mark Doherty, DMD, MPH, CCHP, Executive Director, Safety Net Solutions

“Our dental team is honored to receive this recognition from DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions,” said Tamara-Kay Tibby, DMD, MPH, Dental Director of the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics.  “This award highlights our dental team’s commitment to providing high-quality care for the residents of Palm Beach County.”

Terry Megiveron, Director of Practice Operations for the Brumback Clinics and Dr. Tibby received the award November 13, 2018 at the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana and accepted the honor on behalf of the dental team.

“This is the perfect timing for this prestigious award,” said Belma Andrić, MD, MPH, the Health Care District’s Chief Medical Officer, VP and Executive Director of Clinical Services.  “Dr. Tibby and her team are dedicated to improving access to quality dental care for the neediest residents of our community. Their work can often be challenging and this recognition provides validation and motivation to continue their excellent initiatives.”