The Health Care District’s School Nurses share their top back-to-school tips for you and your child

Our School Nurses help guide parents and public school students before the start of school. Their ideas and insight are featured in the Palm Beach Post:


Picture of School Nurse, Freda Laurent, RN

Tips from Freda Laurent, RN 
"I always tell parents that a rested brain is ready to learn. Therefore, at least two weeks prior to school reopening, try to re-instill the early bedtime habit, as it will be necessary to ensure at least an eight-hour night sleep prior to each school day..."
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Picture of School Nurse, Heather Stetson, RN

Tips from Heather Stetson, RN
"Parents should make an appointment with their pediatrician during the summer to obtain any required paperwork such as physicals, immunizations and medication authorizations for prescription or over-the-counter medications..."
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Picture of School Nurse, Zuzel McCarthy, RN

Tips from Zuzel McCarthy, RN
"Good nutrition is also a vital component to a child’s focus and energy. Parents should give their children a well-balanced breakfast every morning..."
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Picture of School Nurse, Oramari McCarthy, RN

Tips from Oramari McCarthy, RN
"I encourage students to pack a healthy lunch, snack and to bring a water bottle with them to school. The start of the school year can be stressful so please encourage proper nutrition, exercise and rest..."
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