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Estefania Idarraga is March 2016 Employee of the Month

Lakeside Medical Center honored its Employee of the Month for March 2016.

Estefania Idarraga, Clinical Pharmacist, took home the March honors.

Employee of the month Estefania Idarraga with Rick Roche

Estefania Idarraga, March 2016 Employee of the Month, with Richard Roche, VP & Chief Administrative Officer/Hospital Administrator

Other nominees included:

  • Deon Latimore, RN, Med/Surg
  • Joanne Lawrence, ER Registration Specialist
  • Carlos Ramirez, Facilities Maintenance Worker
  • Meredith Rouse, Ultra-Sound Technician
  • Minnie Sanchez, RN, ER
  • Winsome Spencer, RN, Nursing Supervisor