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Heather Bokor, MSM, CHC, VP, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Heather Bokor, VP & Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer Headshot

Heather Bokor is the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for the Health Care District of Palm Beach County. She joins the District with years of experience in the compliance and privacy industry, specializing in hospital administration and health care systems. She has worked with for-profit, non-profit/not for profit (501(c)(3)), and state agent/government (subject to open records under F.S. 119) health care entities and systems for more than 15 years.

Her extensive knowledge of federal and state healthcare laws, program requirements and best practices have led her to work with large multi-facility academic medical centers, community hospitals, critical access hospitals, specialty hospitals, physician practices, a public university and six health colleges (Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health and Health Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine).

Prior to joining the District, Bokor served as interim Vice President of Compliance and Privacy/Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer for the University of Florida Health System (UF Health). Here, she assisted with the development, implementation and management of the UF Compliance and Ethics inaugural program as mandated by the Board of Governors for Florida State University Systems.

Previous titles under UF Health include Senior Director of Compliance Services, Director of Corporate Compliance and Corporate Compliance Specialist, Regulatory and General. Bokor has also held positions in compliance and privacy, with program oversight as well as hospital administration, at Tenet Healthcare in South Florida and UF Health.

Bokor was also appointed and served a two-year term on Tenet’s Corporate HCO Council, comprised of eight individuals who addressed system-wide issues, program needs and risks, while establishing Tenet’s voluntary charter program to successfully transition out of Tenet’s CIA with the OIG. She also worked closely with Tenet Hospital CFO’s to achieve highest audit score (5 Bar) for Tenet’s Corporate Internal Audit, with significant improvement over past audits, and lowest negative points in company history at the time.

She is experienced with many new and existing compliance models, such as: Corporate Integrity Agreements, post-CIA charter programs, state mandated programs and voluntary programs. Bokor has also been involved with managing and mitigating large breach events impacting healthcare and higher education entities.

The South Florida native is a former West Palm Beach resident who served on the leadership team for the Good Samaritan Medical Center. Bokor graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Master of Science in Management focused on Health Care Risk Management and Geriatric Care Management. She is also certified in Health Care Compliance (CHC) and Professional Coding (CPC).