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Testing Instructions

If you have an appointment for testing, please follow these instructions:

  • Plan to arrive at your scheduled time. If you arrive early you may be directed out of the line until your scheduled appointment. There may be significant wait times.

  • Display your ID on dashboard when you arrive.

  • Your ID must match name and address of person registered, only persons registered will be tested.

  • Do not roll down window unless instructed to do so.

  • No more than two people in the vehicle. You will be turned away if more than two people.

  • Unable to accommodate motorcycles or rideshare vehicles (i.e. Lyft or Uber).

  • There are no bathrooms.

  • Each person who needs testing must be seated next to a working window.

  • All passengers must stay inside vehicles from arrival to departure.

  • Testing locations are listed here

  • Follow all instructions from local Law Enforcement and National Guard upon entry to the area.

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