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Ground Ambulances

Banner with Images of the Ambulances

Image of the LifeTrans TeamWe Are LifeTrans 

Our interfacility ambulance transportation program, LifeTrans, is dedicated to reducing wait times and expanding access to care in Palm Beach County.

The two ambulances, Apollo and Atlas, are 24/7 emergency medical service providers for advanced life support (ALS) and basic life support (BLS) inter-facility transport services, as well as secondary ALS transport services.

One of our ambulances is based at our rural, teaching hospital in the far western community of Belle Glade to support the safe and rapid transport of Lakeside Medical Center patients who need access to a higher level of care. The other is based at our skilled nursing home, Edward J. Healey Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Riviera Beach.


Collage of Images Images Inside and Outside of the Ambulances

Specialty Care Transports

Our program is limited to Health Care District patients needing transport within our medical centers’ network or to facilities within Palm Beach County that provide a higher level of care.

This includes the transfer of patients from Palm Beach County hospitals to specialized treatment centers like the Addiction Stabilization Unit (ASU) at HCA Florida JFK North Hospital in West Palm Beach.



Call Us!

ER staff can now easily contact LifeTrans for efficient, expedited transfers of patients who have suffered an acute episode related to substance use disorders (SUD) in hospitals within Palm Beach County. Patients will be transferred directly to the Addiction Stabilization Unit (ASU) located at HCA JFK North Campus 24/7.

Our outpatient clinic provides evidence-based medical treatment to discharged ASU patients and walk-in patients alike regardless of their ability to pay. To initiate transport of ER patients with these specific types of medical conditions in Palm Beach County, hospital personnel can call 561-398-5415.