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Trauma Agency

A patient on a gurney unloaded from the Trauma Hawk receiving medical careThe Trauma Agency is a department of the Health Care District that provides leadership and administrative support to ensure that the operational components of Palm Beach County's Trauma System function as a cohesive unit.

The components of this integrated system include:

  • enhanced 911 communication and dispatch system,
  • EMS and Fire Rescue,
  • The two Trauma Hawk Aeromedical helicopters,
  • Trauma Centers
  • 2 comprehensive rehabilitation centers and a Health Care District-supported long-term care facility.


Quality Assurance

The Agency also administers a system-wide quality management program to supplement the individual Trauma Centers' performance improvement process.

The Health Care District oversees the Agency’s administration and evaluation of compliance and quality of the following Trauma System components:

  • pre-hospital providers,
  • Level I Trauma Centers,
  • rehabilitation centers, and
  • trauma review process.