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Tyson Jimerson

"They should call them wizards."

Tyson Jimerson, trauma survivorWise beyond his years, 10-year-old Tyson Jimerson has a message for the general public, “Enjoy the simple things, because you never know when you might not have them anymore.” For Jimerson, “the simple things” are as basic as enjoying a walk or stroll. He knows firsthand that the freedom of mobility can be taken away in the blink of an eye. On June 14, 2016, a car crash left young Tyson trapped in a vehicle.  Firefighters had to cut into the automobile to rescue him. He was then transported by the District’s Trauma Hawk air ambulance to St. Mary’s Trauma Center.

While the crash left him unable to walk for six months, Tyson is back on his feet and in awe of the Trauma Hawk flight crew members as well as the trauma doctors and nurses who helped saved him. In Tyson’s opinion, “they should call them wizards.”

Fully recovered and back to just being a kid, Tyson still remembers how “it feels like you were already dead.” With two generations of his family already working at St. Mary’s Medical Center and through his personal experience with the Palm Beach County Trauma System, Tyson knows a few career options he’d like to pursue one day.  He aspires to be a nurse, a doctor, or someone who just helps people.