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Kara Curley

"Just Don't Give Up."

Kara Curley, trauma survivorAt age 26, Kara Curley’s life changed forever when she was in a car crash that left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI.) She cannot remember being transported by air or much about the accident, but she gives full credit to the Health Care District’s Trauma Hawk pilot and medical flight team from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue as well as the team of trauma professionals who worked to save her life. Kara spent six weeks at St. Mary’s Medical Center after her Trauma Hawk transport.

Years after the accident, Kara has become a vocal and engaged self-advocate who helps to manage a Facebook page for other trauma survivors. The page is “BRAIN Injury Awareness” and it has an impressive 1 MILLION+ followers! Kara admits that her life and even her friends have changed dramatically since the accident. She is more mature, more driven and more motivated. She encourages everyone to “Just Don’t Give Up.”

Kara plans to keep reaching out and educating public officials about Traumatic Brain Injury and the positive impact that the Health Care District of Palm Beach County has on people’s lives every day.