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Andrew Camerino

"This cannot be my only flight in Trauma Hawk."

Andrew Camerino, trauma survivorHe always wanted to be a paramedic and work on Trauma Hawk,” says Charity Camerino. She never imagined that her son’s first flight on Trauma Hawk, one of the Health Care District of Palm Beach County’s two air ambulances, would be due to a traumatic brain injury resulting from a crime. On November 2, 2012, Andrew Camerino sustained injuries from a physical assault that left him hospitalized in the ICU for five months.

Andrew’s mother, Charity, is a NICU Nurse and his father is an education administrator with a background in Special Education. Without question, his parents and family have played instrumental roles in Andrew’s remarkable recovery. The violent assault left Andrew blind, unable to walk, unable to talk and unable to feed himself.

Thanks to Trauma Hawk’s rapid response as well as Andrew’s character, his tenacity, supportive family and the Trauma Team at St. Mary’s Medical Center, he is now mobile and walking with the assistance of a walker. He also talks, eats and enjoys making jokes… including jokes about his “off duty” ride in Trauma Hawk.