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Community Education

Trauma Hawk on the foot ball field at Wellington Community High School

Students at Wellington Community High School watch as a Trauma Hawk flight crew demonstrates how a trauma patient is loaded on to the helicopter.

Shattered Dreams

Every spring, Trauma Hawk participates with other community partners in Shattered Dreams, a demonstration that shows local students the dangers of drinking and driving on prom night.

A dramatic scenario using vehicles involved in car accidents plays out on a local school's football field in front of students. The "accident" culminates in a Trauma Hawk helicopter landing on the field, ready to transport the "patient" to one of the area's two Trauma Centers.

In the past, both St. Mary's Medical Center and Delray Medical Center have coordinated the annual demonstration, along with a local high school, the Health Care District’s Trauma Hawk Aeromedical program, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol and the Safe Kids Coalition.


Trauma Agency and Trauma Hawk participate in Shattered Dreams (4/8/16)

Trauma Hawk lands at a high school foot ball field during a car crash reenactment

WPBF Channel 25: Pyrotechnic performance shows teens the dangers of drunk driving (April 7, 2016)


Health Care District supports efforts to promote safe driving to local teens (4/2/15)

Video courtesy of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue