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Coordinated Trauma Care

The Health Care District oversees and funds this coordinated Trauma System and operates two Trauma Hawk air ambulances to provide safe and rapid air transport.

Who are the dedicated professionals within the Trauma System?

A patient being loaded into the Trauma HawkThe Trauma System includes:

  • physicians, specialists, nurses and staff at the two Trauma Centers: St. Mary’s Medical Center and Delray Medical Center and their rehabilitation centers;
  • the professionals who operate the county’s enhanced 911 communications and dispatch system;
  • paramedics, EMTs, nurses and emergency personnel who support the System’s pre-hospital component;
  • pilots, mechanics and personnel who support the two Trauma Hawk air ambulances as part of the District’s Aeromedical Program;
  • and the staff of the Health Care District’s Trauma Agency, who provide administrative oversight to ensure trauma victims receive top-quality care in their time of need.

Thanks to the committed professionals in the Trauma System, tens of thousands of Palm Beach County residents who suffered traumatic injuries have returned to their daily lives. Read their stories.