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Updox Patient Portal

Your Dental Records

Access your dental records using the Updox Patient Portal.



  • Clinic will register you for the patient portal and will provide initial log on information.
  • You will then receive an e-mail to activate your Updox patient portal account.

Sample e-mail:

An example of the email you will receive to activate your account.


  • Once you click on the link it directs you to the secure portal. See below.
  • Click on “click here to sign in”. You will have to use the log on information received in the e-mail and verify your date of birth before being able to access the portal.


Location of the Sign In button 

Screenshot of the Updox Patient Portal website with the sign in button highlighted in red


  • Once in the portal you can view clinic information, messages, and dental clinical summary. It is recommended that you update “My Profile” to change the User Name and Password to something you can remember.


Location of the My Profile link

Red arrow pointing to the My Profile link on the Updox patient portal website


The Updox Patient Portal After Logging In

Screenshot of the Updox Patient Portal after logging into the website