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District Hospital Holdings, Inc.

  • The District Hospital Holdings Board is charged with supporting the operations of Lakeside Medical Center in the following ways:
  • Review and approve the hospital's strategic plan on an annual basis
  • Approve the necessary financial resources to maintain safe, quality care treatment and services
  • Establish and monitor a comprehensive financial regulatory audit compliance function
  • Evaluate and recommend to the Health Care District Board possible acquisitions of hospital-related facilities
  • Adopt policies and rules for operation
  • Work with the Lakeside Health Advisory Board to carry out the mission created by the Palm Beach County Health Care Act

The Health Care District is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners serve on a voluntary basis. Three Commissioners are appointed by the Governor of Florida, three by the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners and one is a representative of the State Department of Health. Commission terms are for four years. Commissioners may hold their appointments for a maximum of eight consecutive years.


Head shot photo of Leslie B Daniels
Leslie B. Daniels
Appointed by
Gov. Rick Scott
in May 2013
November 2017
Head shot photo of Alina Alonso, MD
Alina Alonso, MD
Vice Chair
Director of Florida
Department of Health
Palm Beach County
Head shot photo of Edward G Sabin
Edward G. Sabin
Appointed by
Gov. Rick Scott
in October 2018
Head shot photo of Nancy C Banner
Nancy C. Banner, Esq.
Appointed by Gov. Rick Scott
in October 2011
Re-appointed May 2016
Head shot photo of Edward G Sabinn
Tammy Jackson-Moore
Appointed by
the County Commission
in October 2019
Head shot photo of Sean O Bannon
Sean O'Bannon
Appointed by the County Commission
in December 2016
Re-appointed November 2020
Head shot photo of Erica Whitfield
Erica Whitfield
Appointed by the County Commission
in March 2022





Lakeside Health Advisory Board

  • Review and monitor a program that ensures a high level of health care, treatment, services, quality and safety at the District's health care facilities in the Glades community including, but not limited to, the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinic and School Health Program
  • Regularly evaluate community health needs through District supported needs assessments and serve as health advocates for the Glades community
  • Support fundraising efforts to improve the health of the community
  • Request and authorize the Hospital Medical Staff to formulate and recommend Medical Staff Bylaws and such rules and regulations for the governance of professional services in the Hospital in accordance with applicable state, federal and local laws, rules and regulations and in accordance with the standards of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ("Joint Commission") applicable to hospitals
  • Participate in the development, preparation, drafting and implementation of strategic planning initiatives for the Glades community as contemplated by the Health Care Act and in conjunction with directives and guidance from the District Board.
Head shot of Eddie Rhodes

Eddie Rhodes
Head shot of Alina Alonso

Alina M. Alonso, MD
Vice Chair
Head shot of Inger Harvey

Inger Harvey
Head shot of Carolyn W. Jones

Carolyn W. Jones
Head shot of Dr. LaTanya McNeal

Dr. LaTanya McNeal
Head shot of Reverend Robert Rease

Rev. Robert Rease
Blank Image - Placeholder for Vacant Position

Vacant Position