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When you arrive at the hospital, go to the Admitting Office. You will need to show your Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance card.  They will verify your information and let your insurance know you are at the hospital. Every visit to the hospital starts in the Admitting Office. If you have been to Admitting before, your information needs to be re-verified.  

If you need financial assistance, please call our Business Office for help at extension 348487.


Consent Forms

You must sign a permission form for medical and/or surgical treatment.  There are different forms based upon your treatment and needs. All forms must be signed by the patient or legal guardians for minors.  All of the information is private and will not be shared.


ID Bands

After check-in, you will get an ID band on your wrist. Hospital staff will check it each time you take medicine, get an x-ray, or get any procedure. The ID band protects you and your identity until you leave the hospital.  You must wear your ID Band at all times.


Personal Needs

You will need to bring:

  • Self-care items like your deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, comb/brush, bathrobe, slippers and pajamas/gowns. If you forget to bring something, have someone bring it to you. If not, you can buy it in our gift shop. The gift shop is in the front lobby. These are the only personal items you will need to bring. Additional toiletries can be purchased in our gift shop located in the hospital's front lobby or you may have someone bring them to you.
  • All insurance information, forms and cards
  • Medicare/Medicaid card
  • List of medications you are currently taking

The hospital is not responsible if you lose an item like your glasses or slippers. Please take care of your items.  NO ELECTRICAL items are allow (No TVs, NO radios, NO hairdryers, NO electric razors, etc.)  Leave valuable items and jewelry at home. If you cannot leave valuable items at home, you must put them in the hospital safe when you check-in at the Admitting Office.  There is NO SMOKING in the hospital. 


Interpretation Services

If you do not speak English well, ask the nurse for our “Language Line Service.” This service is over-the-phone interpretation.


Telephone Calls

The hospital phone number is 561-996-6571.

People can call you directly by entering “34” plus your room number after the hospital message. Your hospital phone is available 24-hours a day in your room.

To call out, dial “9" plus the number. 

  • For a long-distance call, dial “0" and tell the operator how charges for the call will be paid. Then she will help you make the call. 
  • To protect our patients, NO CAMERAS are allowed anywhere in our hospital. If you use the camera, a hospital Administrator may take it and store it until you leave the hospital. 


Discharge Planning

Planning to leave the hospital starts as soon as you enter. Your doctor and our hospital staff will work as a team to get you out of the hospital and back home. After you leave the hospital, your doctor may order more services. If you need additional follow-up, you could need visiting nurses, medical equipment, physical therapy, respiratory therapy or other services. 

There are a number of community services available to help you get better after you leave the hospital.