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Family Medicine Residency

The Lakeside Family Medicine Residency is a three-year, ACGME-accredited program with five residency positions open each year for either allopathic or osteopathic physicians.

With a co-located outpatient family medicine office, the Lakeside Medical Center serves as the primary clinical training site for both inpatient and outpatient family medicine. The rural, safety-net hospital and high-volume outpatient office provide robust training in an unopposed setting, and, by partnering with organizations like Nova Southeastern University and the Palm Beach Health Department, the residency provides access to and experiences in an even wider range of health care settings.

The program highlights include:

  • Excellent inpatient training from an unopposed, high-volume residency service
  • Excellent outpatient training in a busy, well-resourced office with embedded dental and behavioral health services
  • Training experiences rooted in and influenced by the Glades community of rural Palm Beach County
  • Embedded experience within the innovative Health Care District of Palm Beach County, providing comprehensive safety-net services to marginalized residents of Palm Beach County for more than 30 years
  • Dedicated faculty and staff committed to supporting resident learning and wellness, with:
    • Weekly protected didactics, with virtual support to limit unnecessary travel
    • Shared on-call coverage to limit monthly call requirements for residents

Lakeside’s three-year Family Medicine program centers on an unopposed training environment. Residents care for patients of all ages in a rural hospital and adjoining Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Several rotations are completed outside of the Glades, though frequently still within the Health Care District’s network of FQHCs. The curriculum is divided into one-month rotations, but residents’ learning also grows from continuity training experiences, whether those are explicitly designed or incidental to working with the same population for three years. The following represents the explicit year-by-year curriculum.

Three-Year Curriculum


Residents in their intern year are heavily engaged with hospital-based care for their patients. This both acts as a crucible to sharpen their acute-care skills and provides a location in which residents build relationships with many patients. A month of the first year is explicitly dedicated to outpatient family medicine, but even the most intense rotations include at least a half-day per week providing continuity care in the Belle Glade office.

Rotation Duration
Family Medicine Residency Service (FMRS - FM Inpatient) 4 Months
FM Practice Management (Continuity Clinic) 1 Month
Emergency Services 1 Month
Pediatric Inpatient 1 Month
Pediatric Outpatient 1 Month
General Surgery 1 Month
Women's Health Center (OB Outpatient) 2 Months
Elective 1 Month


The second year adds some additional flexibility as well as 2 months of dedicated musculoskeletal medicine.

Rotation Duration
Family Medicine Residency Service (FMRS - FM Inpatient) 2 Months
FM Practice Management (Continuity Clinic) 1 Month
Pediatric Outpatient 1 Month
Women's Health Center (OB Outpatient) 1 Month
Newborn 1 Month
Preventative Medicine (Community Medicine) 1 Month
OMM 1 Month
Geriatrics 1 Month
Sports Medicine 1 Month
Elective 2 Months


While third-year residents maintain a presence in the hospital, their last year of training focuses on increasing their outpatient skills to allow them to graduate prepared for a busy, efficient practice.

Rotation Duration
Family Medicine Residency Service (FMRS - FM Inpatient) 2 Months
FM Practice Management (Continuity Clinic) 3 Month
ICU 1 Month
Emergency Services 1 Month
Psychiatry 1 Month
Cardiology 1 Month
Elective 3 Months

Longitudinal Curricula

Longitudinal experiences include both the residents’ integrated continuity clinic and behavioral health experiences and developing longitudinal experiences in Community Medicine and Advocacy, Practice Management and Population Health, and Health System Leadership and Quality Improvement.

Continuity Clinic During each month of their three years, residents see their own patients in the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinic in Belle Glade. The number of sessions varies depending on the rotation.
Integrated Behavioral Health The care we provide in Federally-Qualified Health Centers involves integrated Behavioral Health. Residents manage their patients’ needs directly and in collaboration with our BH team.
Community and Advocacy Community Medicine training extends beyond a single month rotation, with longitudinal experiences that tap into the Glades’ long history of leadership and community service.
Practice and Population Management Residents build their own panel of patients in the office and are expected to work with the office team to improve outcomes for those patients over time.
Health System Leadership and Quality Residents have extraordinary access to leaders of Lakeside Medical Center and the Health Care District and are encouraged to solve problems they see at a local and systemic level.

Other Curricular Activities

In addition to each of the discrete longitudinal curricula, there are many topics and educational experiences which, though valuable for residents, may not fit easily into a particular rotation or content area. Support materials for these topics and experiences are organized and tracked for residents to allow them to pursue them during otherwise un-assigned periods of their rotations.

Didactic Curriculum

All residents enjoy protected didactic time every Wednesday afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM. While didactics at Lakeside do include traditional lectures, a substantial portion of each month’s material is covered in hands-on and interactive sessions, including simulations and procedure workshops as well as wellness sessions designed to give residents a break from the hard work of medical practice and learning.

The material covered includes Family Medicine’s core curricular elements as well as topics of interest to the residents, and, while learning is almost always improved by in-person participation, those residents who are working at a distance from campus are able to participate virtually when needed.

Core Topics Family Medicine Didactics include lectures, workshops and simulations from the full breadth of the specialty, reviewing concepts in Cardiology, Hematology, Pulmonology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Orthopedics and many others.
Simulations and Workshops Kinesthetic engagement almost always improves learning, so Didactic programming aims to include a minimum of 3 hours of hands-on work each month, often focusing on simulations and procedure workshops.
Evidence-Based Medicine The program includes periodic journal clubs as well as short, targeted discussions of QI tools and essential research topics. Our residents also present periodically on their projects, with the assistance of our post-doc research fellow.
Data Review Sessions Short EKG, Radiology and other Test-Result Review sessions highlight enlightening de-identified test results Residents and Faculty have received that demonstrate key concepts (either about the conditions they reveal or about the tests themselves).
Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine One of many Core Topics, Musculoskeletal concerns are ubiquitous enough to deserve special attention. Didactics include a series of lectures to cover diagnosis and management of all major conditions as well as procedural skills useful in their treatment.
Osteopathic Medicine With a past accreditation with the AOA, Lakeside is committed to maintaining our engagement with Osteopathic training and care. OMM sessions throughout the year review key concepts and hands-on skills.

On Call Schedule

Residents take limited off-hours call in the hospital, staffing the hospital service in a two-resident team for 12-hour shifts on Thursday nights and Saturday days and for a 24-hour shift on Sundays. These calls are distributed evenly between residents during their time in residency, with first-year residents taking an average of three calls per month, second-year residents taking an average of two calls per month and third-year residents taking an average of one call per month, allowing more focus on ambulatory care. The residency does not have night-float.

Third-year residents also choose three weeks of the year to provide after-hours call coverage from home for all of the C. L. Brumback Primary Care Clinics, the network of Federally Qualified Health Centers operated by the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.

Residents may exchange call days with each other if desired, but are not permitted to average more than 80 work-hours per week or less than one day off per week in any one-month period.

Residency Benefits


  • Residency Year 1 - $46,000
  • Residency Year 2 - $48,500
  • Residency Year 3 - $51,000


All meals are provided while in the hospital, seven days a week. Residents can choose from the quiet, private Doctor's Dining room or a traditional cafeteria and general dining environment.


Life, health and professional liability insurance are provided based on the benefits of all other Health Care District Employees.


Residents are given 20 PTO days and 5 Administrative Days per Academic Year.

Educational Books, Software, and Technology

Residents receive a $3000 stipend annually to cover approved Educational Books, Conferences, and Boards. $700 of this stipend is to be used towards the purchase of a medical PDA once throughout the 3-year term of residency.


We appreciate your interest in the Family Medicine Residency Program. We offer 5 Family Medicine Residency positions each year. Our program is a participant in the NRMP Match and accepts applications through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). We do not offer pre-match positions.

Below are the requirements for the application/admission process:

  • ERAS Application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation (preferably from a primary care physician but others will be reviewed)
  • Medical school transcript
  • Medical school performance evaluation (MSPE) or Dean's letter
  • A copy of your USMLE or COMLEX transcript
  • Current ECFMG status report (for international medical graduates only)
  • Photograph

Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate residents with visas.

For more information, please call the GME Office (561) 996-6571 Ext. 348499

Interview Process

Interviews are granted on an invitation only basis. All Candidates will interview with the Designated Institutional Official, Family Medicine Program Director and at least two (2) Residents.

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)

ERAS opens in September. It is recommended to apply by November 1, but no later than December 1. Interviews take place from November through early January. No application status updates will be given over the phone. Only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.

For information on ERAS, you may access their website at Current medical students can also obtain additional information at their medical school dean's office.

Image of Jennifer Dorcé-Medard, DO

Meet the Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

Jennifer Dorcé-Medard, DO, the Designated Institutional Official, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine physician at Lakeside Medical Center. She earned her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York City, NY. She completed her residency in Family Medicine at Broward Health Medical Center.

She speaks English and Creole.

For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Dorcé-Medard at:
M: 561-966-6571 ext. 348155

Image of Seneca Harberger, MD

Meet the Family Medicine Residency Program Director

Seneca Harberger, MD, the Family Medicine Residency Program Director, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician at C.L. Brumback Primary Care Clinic in Belle Glade. He earned his Doctor of Medicine from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. He completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

For more information, you may contact Dr. Seneca Harberger at:
M: (561) 966 – 6156 ext 211024

GME Staff

Image of Named Faculty or Staff

Joe-Ann Hyppolite,

Institutional Coordinator

M: 561-966-6571 ext. 348499


Image of Named Faculty or Staff

Monette Louis,

Program Coordinator

M: 561-966-6571 ext. 348220


Other Faculty

Image of Bryan Dawkins, MD

Bryan Dawkins, MD
Inpatient Family Medicine
VP of Hospitalist Services for Elite Medical Services

Image of Ishan Gunawardene, MD

Ishan Gunawardene, MD
Inpatient Family Medicine
Chief of Staff at Lakeside Medical Center

Image of Daniel Perez, MD

Daniel Perez, MD
Outpatient Family Medicine

Image of Barry Davis, MD

Barry Davis, MD
General Surgery

Image of David Bohorquez, DO

David Bohorquez, DO
Emergency Medicine

Image of Luis M. Perezalonso, MD, FACEPf

Luis M. Perezalonso, MD, FACEP
Emergency Medicine

Image of Duclos Dessalines, MD

Duclos Dessalines, MD
Outpatient Pediatrics

Image of Yaw Abu, MD

Yaw Abu, MD
Intensive Care, Pulmonology

Image of Ana Ferwerda, MD

Ana Ferwerda, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Image of Adriana Lequerica Ziemba, PsyD

Adriana Lequerica Ziemba, PsyD

Behavioral Health

Image of David Lepoff, DO

David Lepoff, DO
Inpatient Family Medicine
Lakeside Family Medicine Alumnus

Image of Danny Abouekde, DO

Danny Abouekde, DO
Inpatient Family Medicine
Lakeside Family Medicine Alumnus

Image of Courtney Phillips, MD

Courtney Phillips, MD
Behavioral Health
Director of Behavioral Health for the Healthcare District of PBC

Image of Glenn S Chapman III, DO, C-NMM/OMM, CAQSM, CAQPM, RMSK


Musculoskeletal Medicine

Surfside Nonsurgical Orthopedics

Image of Steven Licata, DO

Steven Licata, DO
Musculoskeletal Medicine
Institute for Nonsurgical Orthopedics

Image of Alessandra Posey, DO

Alessandra Posey, DO
Musculoskeletal Medicine
Nova Southeastern University Department of Sports Medicine

Image of Sue Kulatunga, MD

Sue Kulatunga, MD
Inpatient Pediatrics

Image of Manoj Bhattarai, MD

Manoj Bhattarai, MD
Geriatrics, Nephrology

Image of Julie Pass, MD

Julie Pass, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Image of John Caravello, MD

John Caravello, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Image of Chia-Ling Tung, MD

Chia-Ling Tung, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Image of Blane Crandall, MD

Blane Crandall, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Class of 2022

Image of William Draper, DO

William Draper, DO
Chief Resident

Image of Jesse Grieb, DO

Jesse Grieb, DO
Chief Resident

Image of Janaki Saoji, MD

Janaki Saoji, MD

Image of Thy Bui, DO

Thy Bui, DO

Image of Benjamin Kosubevsky, DO

Benjamin Kosubevsky, DO

Class of 2023

Image of Anthony Hernandez, MD

Anthony Hernandez, MD

Image of Giselle Falconi, MD

Giselle Falconi, MD

Image of Heden Presendieu, MD

Heden Presendieu, MD

Image of Nzingha Saunders, DO

Nzingha Saunders, DO

Image of Jennifer Hua, DO

Jennifer Hua, DO

Class of 2024

Eseoghene Adun, MD

Milhenka Auguste, MD

Katherine Wang, DO

Kevin Nyabera, MD

Daphne Metellus, MD


Class of 2021

JD Adame, DO

Quanecia Beasley, DO

Sonya Dusseault, DO

Christal Landeros, DO - Chief

Kerlan St Prix, DO - Chief

Class of 2020

Danny Abouekde, DO

Sam Espinal, DO

David Lepoff, DO

Terry Parsons, DO - Chief

Nergess Taheri, DO - Chief

Class of 2019

Roy Barski, DO - Chief

Kimala Harris, DO

Ron Mathew, DO

Class of 2018

Bralin Bean, DO

Roberteen McCray, DO

Steven Perez, DO

Tyler Provost, DO

Elena Herschdorfer-Rodriguez, DO

Class of 2017

Samantha Choudhury, DO - Chief

Elisa Diaz, DO

Justin Morgan, DO - Chief

Class of 2016

Shaun Nazar, DO - Chief

Donoffa Nelson, DO - Chief

Sholem Palevsky, DO

Monique Samuel, DO

Class of 2015

Heidi McVon Denton, DO - Chief

Isaac Vargas, DO

Nathan Kaller, DO

Sabine Elisee, DO

Class of 2014

Omar Mubaidin, DO

Josephine Pearson, DO

Na Ly Vang, DO

Zeporah Sykes, DO

Tracy Romanello, DO

Class of 2013

Tricia Nielson, DO

Tara Freyman, DO

Nader Abdallah, DO