Financial Assistance

February 19, 2018

Florida Statute 395.301 was updated on February 19, 2018. It changed how information is given to patients. It says that hospitals must give uninsured patients information about discounts and financial assistance.

Lakeside Medical Center’s information on discounts and financial assistance is listed here.   

At Lakeside, a patient with no healthcare coverage of any type is “uninsured.”  


I. Discounted rates if you are uninsured

A. If you do not have insurance coverage, our hospital will discount charges to equal what Medicare pays for the service.


II. Financial Assistance

A. If you do not have insurance, you may qualify for financial assistance, and our hospital can help determine if you qualify.

B. The steps to apply for financial assistance are as follows:

i. You must complete a financial statement form and list your income and expenses. The form is private.

ii. The hospital will review the form and other information you provide.

iii. If you are 200% below the poverty level for the size of your family, you may qualify for full financial assistance.

iv. If you are 200% to 400% below the poverty level for the size of your family, there is a sliding scale fee. You may qualify for partial financial assistance.

v.  Our hospital will try and help you find other sources of payment and coverage. You may be able to get help from public or private programs. Our counselors can help you apply for Medicare, Medicaid, or District Cares. District Cares is for Palm Beach County residents only.


How Do You Get Financial Assistance?

1. You must complete the Application for Financial Assistance (PDF) form.

2. Next, print your completed Application for Financial Assistance form. Bring it with you to your next appointment.

3. It takes us thirty (30) days to review your form and your documents.

4. We will let you know if you qualify.

5. You will get bills while your form is being reviewed. You are responsible for all charges until you are qualified.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 561-996-6571, ext. 348419.




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