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Birthplace / Obstetrics

Keeping Women Healthy

Keeping families healthy is a priority for us. Helping people heal is rewarding. But nothing brings a smile to our faces like helping bring a new baby into the world.

That starts with healthy moms. It also means keeping women healthy through all stages of their lives. Our Women’s Health Services offers maternity services and support for newborn care. We also offer mammograms and bone density testing. Prevention and early diagnosis helps keep women healthy.

Get Tested for Breast Cancer:

Finding out if you have breast cancer early can save your life. At Lakeside Medical Center, we offer advanced digital mammography screening. The machine is called a “GE Senographe Essential.” It provides earlier detection of breast cancer. Images are created in seconds.  Faster results mean the patient gets treatment earlier. It helps improve the lives of women in the Western Glades.

A generous grant from PNC Bank, the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and a Community Development Block Grant helped to create the department.

Make an appointment for a mammogram
Phone: 561-996-6571 ext. 344286


The Ahmed H. Baroush, M.D. Birthing Center

Our birthing center was dedicated to Dr. Barhoush on May 11, 2016. He was honored for his 42 year commitment to provide quality healthcare services to the women of the Glades.

Dr. Barhoush set the example at Lakeside Medical Center. It is our goal to make the birthing experience a nurturing and memorable time. 

We have six private delivery rooms. There are ten private postpartum rooms. All rooms are spacious, comfortable, and medically equipped.

Newborn babies stay with mom in her private room. If mom needs rest, newborns are cared for in our relaxing nursery. The nursery is staffed with medical professionals. Newborns are cared for every minute. 


Visiting The Birthing Unit

The maternity floor is a secured for the safety of  moms and babies. Visitor access is controlled by the nursing staff.