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Image of people social distancing

HFYH: Diligence and COVID-19 – More Important than Ever

It is more important than ever that everyone remain diligent by adhering to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus

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Image of Meditation

HFYH: How to Deal with Anxiety from Coronavirus

For many, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has added a new level of stress and anxiety to their already stressful daily lives

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Image of a Mother and Daughter

HFYH: How to Talk to Your Child about Coronavirus

From the news, to TikTok and YouTube videos, to conversations with their friends and families, Coronavirus is a topic they cannot avoid

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Image of a Pregnant Woman

HFYH: Coronavirus and Pregnancy

For pregnant women, there are many unanswered questions about how Coronavirus can affect them and their unborn baby

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Image of Masks

HFYH: Do Masks Really Matter?

A study looked at the effects of mass face mask wearing over time compared to effects of social distancing and lockdown

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